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OMG SRSLY - it really is like that.. [Feb. 19th, 2011|02:52 am]
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MBW 2010 and PAINT A BIRD ON IT! [Feb. 19th, 2011|02:27 am]

Ok - so no Chariot wars for me this year, but for posterity sake i offer pictures of last years glory.

I really was afraid of this thing until i saw how long it took to get it up to speed in close quarters;
A pedal powered tank.
I can't believe they rode it across town just to get smoked out like that!
I mostly hid behind this sign and shook my fist. [But this helmet of Soo's is bad-ass.]

All photos by the Rev. Captain Jones - I bet it was yet again a blast! Happy New Years..

Also - I might be willing to give this TV series 'Portlandia' a chance. I'm still upset that they didn't offer to pay part of my cable bill when they wanted a free parade of portlands out and about circus acts. [hey one of those guys who showed up for the TV people doesn't even have an act] Anyhow as it turns out that they are on IFC not that big comedy network i woulda assumed they came from. Guess it pays to know who your talkin' with beforehand. Onward Portland!a and don't forget to paint a bird on it!


Will Workforf Ood
Professional Spit Catcher

call me
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Patching together a show.. [Dec. 18th, 2010|03:42 pm]
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I spent a few years traveling around north america and spending all my pocket money at gas stations. The long walks through boot soaking dewy fields and scenery were free- the various MSG laden peanut and corn products that i subsisted on were not. In the end i was suffering from chronic exposure to the elements. The only good thing i have to show for all those adventures are minor scars and some really great patched pants.

Everytime i wasn't hoofing it to or away from a nice spot to sit and meet a stranger I would sew my pants together. It was an endless pursuit as unconventional construction and rips and dry rot. The travels lead me to portland - not exactly the big rock candy mountains but pretty close.[complete with old hobos that try 'n ride the coat tails of the young ones] The pants became my first 'will workforf ood' clown uniform and carried all my idealism with me like armor. I believe that people can have fun and fix shit up. I don't always excel at this myself but i always mean to. Long Story Short - although i haven't taken the old clown pants out on the town since my clown got soaked in enough rotten dairy pie smell to make even the professional cleaners turn them away - I STILL LOOK AWESOME IN THESE PANTS I MADE MYSELF. all patched together to fit me like a glove and funny smelling.

Furthermore - why isn't there a star quality photo of my magic pants? and why isn't there one single stinking action shot of my showing off my 'Balls of Steel' routine. I sure got kicked in the junk often enough. Theres plenty of pictures of my getting on and off of tall bikes, but EVERYONE in Portland can do that. Wheres my portfolio shot? wheres my balls of steel collector series autographed card series. I'm not really sure why it pans out the way it do, but at least i've got magic pants. [thats good]

please feel free to post pictures and stories of your own DIY magic pants and remember going into public without pants can lead to panic, alarm, rioting, and confusion. [thats bad]
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Buried Treasure [Nov. 28th, 2010|02:25 pm]
Sun Roots - hit me up for free food.

My laziest post ever.  A photo of a photo I uploaded to the F Book. F Book is the new place for snarky teens and lazy net surfing unemployed adults to tell you what they had for breakfast, and spread inflammatory rumors about people that wouldn't let them onto the 'friends' list. Seems as if before long folks will just retire their dedicated blogs and start talking all trash on the hyper-collective blog of Fbook. O' well - the Sun Roots don't have Wifi so they don't seem to much effected by the trend.
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I know i can be cryptic sometimes, so aside from that, [Oct. 2nd, 2010|09:22 am]

A big gang of friends just left town for tour because their landlord kicked 'em out.  Its no fun getting displaced like that but they took to the road in a good stride.  Not knowing any other reason the man would have not wanted all thier money i assume the sole reason their house had to clear out is because they made a movie with me. [HARBINGER OF DOOM] They had just started filling it to capacity with half finished art projects too. [like this film-let we made.] 

The footage was shot when the weather started to perk up. What was edited together was the story of a magic chicken and the swindler who stole, croaked, dressed, roasted, fried, and eventually... well you'll find out.  What you get here is a rough edit shortened to the assigned length for the first deadline we had. Pirated software corrupted the computer with the big screen and I got distracted in the worlds smallest corn maze so no further progress was made.  [HARBINGER OF RUIN AND DOOM]  What i really missed out on was working with these people more, but i think they'll come around to take another swing at it. You'll have to wait for the official release.
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2010|10:27 am]
Portland is getting armpit hair - I'll explain later.
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I came here to be real, not to be famous. [but while your waiting for that video to load - why don't [Aug. 28th, 2010|10:06 pm]
When a clown joins Clowns International in England, which claims to be the oldest clown society in the world, they can register their individual make-up. An eggshell is decorated as a miniature version of the clown's head and added to the "Egg Gallery" which then acts as sort of clown copyright. I thought that here on the west coast of the Americas we could do the same thing, so i started a little blog to share not just the final result of a characters inception, but the process and context of that creation.

'Will Workforf Ood; human target' was drawn from the work of classic clowns, the indie culture of circus that was always on the move, and protest clowns of CIRCA [or BIRCA]. As time passed the name and face had their own public life and a reputation to uphold. In the flesh alot of this formulation happened at the crossroads of 25th and Alberta street in portland oregon where i meet a loose family unit of other performers. if it weren't for them I probably would have kept moving and gotten into sync with a more transitory crew, but the centrality of the clown house made for a grounded point of reference, a cause. I likely would have gone on playing the fool but never have stopped to appreciate just one neighborhood or ever bothered to put a name to a face or have made a brand-name out of a foolish character.

My every intention was to bolster and celebrate the precariously balanced cultural hub that was the clown house. It was all the fun of a traveling circus tribe without as much of the bridge burning and running from the sheriff. I brought new ideas, fresh energy, and qualified human beings into the fold and they kept up the house. Every thing was tuned to a standard set by some material held on to by the crew. Things went well and as we got to know each other we talked about stepping it up and finding a permanent clown house. This never happened because the crew was centered around a couple who were due for a separation. I still believed we were a reputable bunch whos main interest was celebrating life and taking care of each other.

BOY WAS I WRONG. The character assassinations spared no one. Anyone who might have followed this drama in it's making [either online or in person] knows that people still wanna blame their problems on me. Really, i should have seen it all coming, but i wanted to believe we could make it happen. Portland, afterall, is a unique place and america needs it's rugged individualism and publicly known critic-entertainers. I made a full time effort to provide any and all resources available to either the show or the actual house and home that hosted it and in return i've been called alot'a rude things, and threatened outright by the very same person who was fishing for help. I was bailing out a sinking ship or sticking my hand in the middle of a dog fight, and i wasn't the only one. Anyone who hadn't kept a safe distance was at the very least publicly insulted. So, alot of people know what really went down.

I think i've focused on the positive stuff and stuck with it; providing support for my friends, sharing my experience, learning new tricks, following my heart, challenging social constructs, et al. I really just wanted to show you pretty pictures and inspire autonomy and community- turns out i've also got to occasionally make a note of a trash talking former partner in art-crime. Lots of what he says doesn't make sense so i'm not to worried about it, but occasionally i still catch wind of the stink this guy conjures up for others. Even after he called off our partnership I thought were of similar make but have since learned otherwise. IT IS RATHER EMBARRASSING to say the least.

The thing is - i played the fall guy in that show. I'm pretty well versed in both fall guy and scape goat. The fall guy not only knows when he's about to get floored but why. He knows whats happening off stage and that his duty is to keep the crowd looking at the scripted action and not the man behind the curtain. TURNS OUT I WAS so IRREPLACEABLE that the catholic church has asked me to officially become the saint you can blame for all divorces, car wrecks, and erectile dysfunction.

So if your having a long messy divorce, or a hassle with the insurance man, or you simply can't get out of bed in the morning; BLAME THE REVEREND SAINT WILL WORKFORF OOD and you can avoid finding the fortitude to address the real issues. AMEN.

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When life gives you lemons - use them to fight 'the man.' [Aug. 26th, 2010|09:17 pm]

"We are proposing a lemonade bloc next last thursday. Get together with your friends and family and come up with a creative lemonade. Rosemary, lavender, mint, honey, agave, mate, carob, what the fuck ever you can come up with, show up early on alberta and 25th to 26th streets around 11 or 12 in the daytime, set up a table and offer lemonade for donation, or free. We should fill the entire bloc with lemonade stands! The state will come, but we will NOT leave. We will fill the streets with dance and revelry in the spirit of last thursday's origins, an autonomous, anarchistic freak show that reclaims the streets, the neighborhoods and our lives. "
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That was fun! [Jul. 2nd, 2010|02:37 pm]

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Ohh my Bicycle Jesus another year has passed [Jun. 27th, 2010|02:15 am]
This year if you want to celebrate my birthday.. BRING PIE.

The Multnomah County Bike Fair is different this year.

It's not at Colonel Summers.
It's not on Saturday.
There won't be beer sales.

It's on SE Alder St. between 12th and 14th.
It's on Sunday from 2-7pm (after Sunday Parkways).
Your refreshment is your responsibility.

There are many ways, though, in which MCBF hasn't changed.

There will still be all manner of open-to-the-public crazy bike events.
There will still be tasty treats and bikey wares for sale.
There will still be kickass entertainment.

See you there.


-I'll be at Sunday Parkways. How do I get down to MCBF?!
Not to worry. A ride down to MCBF will depart the southeast corner of
Peninsula Park at 3pm (which is when Sunday Parkways shuts down).

-I'm an alcoholic and I need booze to have fun!
That's rough. There's a bar nextdoor and a Plaid across the street.
Do what you've got to do but remember that drinking from an open
container is illegal. You could get a ticket and, worse, get the
event shut down.

-What do I do with these children?!
Bring your kids and bring their bikes, too! There's plenty of room to
ride around and, from 2-3, there will be lotsa kid-friendly events.
So get there early!

-The changes! Why oh why oh why have you made the changes?!
The Bicycle Jesus and the OLCC work in mysterious ways. This year's
MCBF is going back to the event's straightforward bike-oriented roots.

-Okay. Sounds swell. Can I help out in some way?
Certainly. Contact Bonnie at pinkgrrlqat@yahoo.com if you want to
volunteer. We still need cleanup helpers and people to discourage
obvious public drinking.

-I'm a huge Scorpions fan but I was only 9 when Monsters of Rock
played the Hoosier Dome in '88. Will I ever get a chance to be rocked
like a hurricane?
Maybe. The Scorpions haven't confirmed yet (Klaus lost his passport)
but the rest of the bike-based Monsters of Rock 2010 Tour including
Full Face Riot, Start Fires, Crank My Chain, and Total Recall will be
performing at MCBF following their sold out appearances at Sunday
Parkways! MCBF is also a stop on the long-awaited Trash Mountain Boys
Reunion Tour. It might not be like a hurricane, but you'll be rocked
like something.

-Wait. WHERE is MCBF this year?
SE Alder. Between 12th and 14th.
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